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Our Mission
Our mission is dedication and commitment towards students, to make a nurturing ground for the overall development and to creatively take challenges in the relentless competition.
Our Vision
Our vision is to strive for continuous improvement, to provide quality education, to help students achieve not only a good career but also achieve all round development of personality to face the challenges of the competitive world.
Our Approach
o Excellence in all we do.
o Quality training - from start to finish, our approach is student-centered. Every student is briefed on the course     delivery plan on a weekly basis.
o Regular student feedback is pivotal in analyzing the program and supports continual development.
o Additional computing hours for skills betterment.
o Corporate training programs are based on the industry’s requirement, following which standards are identified and     students trained accordingly.
The Young Learner’s English, summer course turned out to be a boon for my daughter.
- Mrs Irani, Sonika’s mother
I thank Sanjay who introduced me to English age, I now speak good English.
- Shashikiran, engineering student
English is fun. Grammar classes were fun.
- Prakruth, student of std VII
How long is one course?
Can a course be extended?
When does the class begin?
Are there evening classes?
How do I know which course/program suits me best?
What will I achieve at the end of the course?
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