The very first class was packed!
Attuned to the needs of the learner and diverse learning environments, course content ranges from individual-centric, highly customized packages to structured classroom sessions, and intensive crash courses.
English, by most of the world is regarded as a global language. We at English age understand the need to impart English at various levels. A dream to provide quality teaching blossomed into reality in the year 2010, when Mr. Raghunatha Rao, brought together a team of experts to impart English education.
Years of experience paves way to programs tailored to personal considerations, prior English knowledge and the objectives of the learner. Thematic preferences are used to assist students to grasp specific and otherwise difficult communication needs. We develop group interactions to facilitate efficient learning through effective competition with other group members. Groups also provide the perfect ground for simulation of a wide range of situations and realistic conversations.
Clearly, we are not just about ‘learning’ English, but ‘loving’ the language. Unique that we are, our satisfaction comes from knowing that anyone walking into English age walks out with the English edge.
The Young Learner’s English, summer course turned out to be a boon for my daughter.
- Mrs Irani, Sonika’s mother
I thank Sanjay who introduced me to English age, I now speak good English.
- Shashikiran, engineering student
English is fun. Grammar classes were fun.
- Prakruth, student of std VII
How long is one course?
Can a course be extended?
When does the class begin?
Are there evening classes?
How do I know which course/program suits me best?
What will I achieve at the end of the course?
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